Market Deal welcomes its users
This document constitutes a legal agreement between "Market Deal" ("the Company") and the site owner
To you (hereinafter: user of the site). From now on, this agreement shall be recorded in the masculine form for convenience only and shall apply equally to both sexes.
By registering and using the site You hereby irrevocably and irrevocably accept all the conditions listed below:
1. You agree not to:
A. Do not impersonate another person and / or entity. Do not give false or incorrect details. You also undertake to provide true and accurate details about yourself and to update when necessary as required by the registration form.
B. Do not use the phone number of a third party or surfer and / or other person and / or his name without his permission or his knowledge and / or written consent in writing. You also confirm that the telephone number appearing on the website is in your name and for your personal use only.
third. Do not transfer information to other content or material that is illegal or infringing on any surfer or company through the site directly or indirectly.
D. Not to solicit another user and / or promote an illegal purpose and / or that may cause intentional or unintentional damage.
. Not to publish and / or upload naked images or pornographic content, images of celebrities or any other person or surfer's images without his or her written consent or consent.
and. Not to send a message that is libelous and / or defamatory or other material or content that are illegal and / or violate any agreement or undertaking or right that is and / or harmful and / or threatening and / or gross and / or harassing and / Or racist and / or defamatory and / or liable to cost in violation of privacy of another person or surfer.
G. You also acknowledge and agree that the content and notices appearing on the Site are the sole responsibility of the participants and surfers of the Site. And you confirm that you know and agree that using the Site you may be exposed to incorrect, misleading, offensive, illegal information, etc., and that you will not have any claim or claim whatsoever in this matter from Market Deal.
H. Do not upload pyramid games, contests and chain letters to conduct surveys or upload any files they have, or viruses in a direct way or under the guise of content messages. Or delete any harm to interfere with or interfere with the written objection to the site or commercial and / or commercial information, or attempt to break into the site or attempt to harm it to try to destabilize the site and attack the site in an e-mail attack.
ninth. In addition, I am aware that Market Deal is entitled, but not obligated, to remove and / or delete a profile and / or a message or part of it that at the sole discretion of Market Deal or anyone acting on its behalf, , Obscene, defamatory, infringing, defamatory, defamatory, or prohibited by law and / or agreement, either expressly or implicitly, and / or discontinuing a user's use of its services, immediately and unilaterally, without notice, This Agreement, including user name blockage by e-mail, removal from the Site, and You shall not have as a user any claim or demand or claim whatsoever in this matter from Market Deal.

2. Limitation of registration:
Restriction of registration since site Restricted to the ages of 18 and over, the company "Market Deal" operator site Shall not bear any responsibility for the injury of minors under the age of 18 by meetings or connections created with the help of the Site Between a minor and an adult.
3. Warranty:
You agree that the use of the Site IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE QUALITY OF THE SERVICE OR ANY RESULTS OBTAINED TO YOU OR ANY OTHER BODY BY USE OF THE SITE. Or the integrity of the site due to software problems or bugs or translation of the ceremony you entered or the quality of the trial, misspellings, or deletion of the information due to our mistake, or a typographical error or error caused by third party negligence or viruses downloaded to his computer and / Another computer.
As a surfer on the site I agree to receive e-mail including messages received on the site on a regular basis and also regarding the various events of the site as an integral part of the services of the site, and I agree that I accept advertisements under the Spam Act. As part of the site's services. Upon canceling the card and / or freezing the card will stop sending messages by the site .
Freeze / Cancel the card
To freeze or delete the card you must send   Request email to webmaster   Contact us by specifying a nickname and the email through which you registered to the site
Indemnification of the Site and "Market Deal"
You acknowledge and agree to this as a writer and / or user and / or send messages to indemnify Market Deal, the site operator Including the Company
Employees, managers, shareholders or anyone acting on their behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by it, including attorneys' fees and court costs, due to violation of these Terms of Use and / or In respect of any expense and / or damage, as a result of a claim and / or demand that will be directed against it by a third party due to a breach of any of the provisions stated in these terms of use. In addition, Market Deal is entitled and entitled to disclose its name and the details it knows about it in any legal proceeding, even if no judicial order is given to that effect.
Intellectual Property
I know and agree to this without any reservation that all copyrights on the site The contents of this site, including its design, application, graphic file, texts, computer code, and any material contained therein, are the exclusive property of the Company and / or its content providers and / or business partners. , Distribute and copy or transmit to a third party the use of the trademarks, those registered and those not registered, the domain name of the site, without the explicit written consent of Market Deal. In addition, Market Deal reserves the right to change the registration terms at its sole discretion, without notice or acceptance and consent of the surfer and / or the user of the site.
I hereby declare that I have read and understand and agree to all the terms and conditions set out above and to the Site's policies.
Law and place of jurisdiction
The use of the Site shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel. The courts in Tel Aviv shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement.