Market Deal Marketing Solutions, a business consulting firm, has set up an innovative venture that allows businesses to advertise their business for free indefinitely, pay for site maintenance fees, and advertise for free in all sections and unlimited, receive a refund, and the option to generate additional passive income.

.How does the venture work
Pay maintenance and use fees as registered on the site in the amount of 300$ consecutive monthly payment and advertise your business and your products for free in a variety of sections, attach a business through your registration link that also pays maintenance and use as registered on the site in the amount of 300$ consecutive monthly payment. A fee will be deducted for the attachment of a maintenance fee and use of the site to the amount of 200$. Attach a third business that repays a payment of 300$ for maintenance and use fees as registered on the site, the attachment will be discontinued for payment for maintenance and use fees on the site. Each new business combination that repays a payment of 300$ receives 100$.

How do I know that the customer I attached made a payment repayment.
The customer from France is obliged to notify you by sending a notice that he has repaid a payment and this is the condition for him to receive a fee of  100$, and you will also receive a notice from the site management.

Why should you advertise on the site.
The site with:
- Smart agent.
-Mun views.
-Message box.
- Free advertising in a variety of sections.
-The site is promoted in its social possession.
-Uploading a video link from YouTube and Facebook.
-Upload a link from a website or a link from Facebook.
-Share your ads on social networks.
-Publishing in sections that do not exist on other sites.

How am I rewarded for joining new clients.
Rewarded by the following options:
-Money transfer against receipt.
-Discount coupon in the food delivery app.

Clarification: The remuneration method in a free advertisers project does not have an employer-employee relationship, and no customer who joins additional customers and receives commissions is considered an employee who is entitled to a salary and social conditions.

-When registering for the site and clicking on the word send in the registration form, I hereby declare that I have read, understood and agreed to the conditions as detailed above and the site's rules-

Market Deal Marketing Solutions, the operator of the site, is committed to integrity, fairness and full transparency, while providing professional service and personal treatment to all its customers.

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